Cove Park is an international artists’ residency centre on the Rosneath Peninsula at the southern reaches of Argyll & Bute. Founded in 1999 by Eileen and Peter Jacobs, Cove Park’s annual programme has enabled more than 1,300 national and international artists, working in all

art forms, to undertake research and develop new ways of working. Cove Park has collaborated with many established artists, such as Turner Prize winner Simon Starling, and Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood, to those just emerging from art school. In addition to their international residency programme, they aim to engage a wide public audience with resident artists and their work to increase opportunities for people in the region to access and participate in the arts.

With a wealth of high-quality creative practice happening throughout the year, Cove Park is in a great position to be the lead organisation for Argyll Youth Arts in the Helensburgh and Lomond region through Hands-On Cove Park, a programme of creative workshops, events and talks led by current and former residents. Through creative activities, ranging from Saturday Art Clubs to Create Your Portfolio courses, Cove Park can provide dynamic and inspiring creative opportunities for children and young people to expand on the creative activity they experience at school and open their eyes to the diverse career options in the arts.

Hands-On runs in parallel with the international artists residency programme, providing participants with the space, time and freedom to learn creative skills, develop ideas, and enjoy the arts.