Argyll Youth Arts have channel managers working in Tarbert, Lochgilphead, Dunoon, Oban and Tobermory. Our Channel Managers document local youth arts project whilst developing their own film craft through exercises and personal projects. We meet online fortnightly to discuss films and elements of filmmaking craft. The Channel Managers all contribute to the discussions, sharing their opinions and learning from each other’s work and perspective. Training days are organised where we come together to work on different tasks, focused on particular skills.

We also come together to work as a film production company, such as for Ewan Macintyre’s Off to Sea music video.

Playdays at the Pier: Dunoon

Time’s Gone


Argyll Youth Arts Trailer

Ewan MacIntyre – Off To Sea


George Campbell Hay Project

MAYDS Sleepover

Library Film

Creative Apps

Banner Making at Achievement Bute

Comar Work Experience

What Do YOU Want To Change

Argyll Youth Arts Trailer

The Lie Tree

Stained Glass Workshop

Library Film

Rockfield Centre – Oban Art Exhibition

The Fools Ceilidh

Seasons Spring Live Sessions

Hope Kitchen

Guy Forteith – Country House in the Blue

Benefits of having a school librarian

F-Art Rice Mandala

They – Lochgilphead Horror

Benmore Residential Weekend

Cary Rimmer – Sadness Don’t Own Me

Oban Winter Festival 2015

First Nights Of Winter